Project Description

Paradise Odyssey is a made up album made for an made up Artist called Jordan Domnic as part of a school project. The goals was create collaterals for album release.


Album Cover Art, Press Kit, T-shirts Designs, Website Wireframe


Graphic Design Student at Humber College

Softwares Used

Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign


The music in this album is best described as Synthwave, which is also known as Outrun, Retrowave, or Futuresynth. Synthwave which an electronic music medium inspired by action, science-fiction and horror films from the 80’s. In recent years, synthwave is making a comeback and has gotten the attention of mainstream media in and is being inspired by the decade’s art and video games.

Imagine, you’re in Miami, on the coast, in your vintage convertible, looking at the sunset, the sea, and the birds, but something’s missing, the music. Jordan Dominic’s Latest album Paradise Odyssey, hopes to fill in that gap to complete the feeling of being on a beach side in 80’s. This album will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time and are part of a 80’s gangster film, looking at the sunset and living the dream.

To give you that feeling, the music is in this album is based on Hawaiian folk music, but with a more modern take on it with a hint of distortion in Jordan’s unique style.

Design Elements

Vector Elements used for final design

Album Cover Art

Rough concept of final album artwork Final Album Artwork Final Viynl Artwork Mockup of final artwork Mockup of final artwork


tshirt and sticker designs for album release tshirt designs for album release

Press Kit

close up mock up shot of press kit press kit folder open mockup pressit folder instert presskit folder inserts mockup of full presskit folder

Microsite Wireframe

screenshot of mircosite Wireframe screenshot of mindofblur Wireframe