Project Description

My goal with this campaign is to make startups understand the importance of good effective branding and to achieve this goal I will use the countless amounts of branding tips that can be found online and choose 3 of the tips to create my campaign. By doing this I can visually demonstrate how a simple thing can have such a huge impact.


3 Magazine Print ADs and Social Media Adaptations


Deciding magazine choice that fits AD concept, Concept and Copy that remains consistent through out the campaign and a cohesive layout with clear visual language that makes concept easy to understand.

Softwares User

Photoshop for graphics and Indesign for layouting and print file exports.

Magazine Choice

The choice of my magazine would be Inc. Magazine. Inc. Magazine focus their articles on small business and startups which is perfect for the campaign because it has the same target audience. Below is some data about Inc. Magazine’s Audience.

Statics of Magazine Chocice

Production Specs

Product Specs of Magazine


Rough Design layouts for ad campaign

AD Campaign

Final ad campaign design  mockup of final ad campaign design